FLIR i3 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 60 x 60 resolution, 12.5° × 12.5° Field of View

FLIR i3Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
60 x 60 resolution, 12.5° × 12.5° Field of View

  • Compact Thermal Camera for Building Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance

  • Excellent Screen Size and Quality – High-resolution color 2.8” LCD display helps find problems fast

  • Accurate Results – thermal accuracy (+/-2%) and broad measurement range (-20°C to 250°C) give you results you can count on.

  • Rugged, Compact Design – Easy to use, one-handed operation with a focus-free lens; tough enough to withstand a two meter drop and stow with the rest of your tools.

  • Fully Radiometric Images – Store up to 5,000 JPEG image files with all temperature measurements right in the camera for future analysis, downloads, and custom reports.

  • Plenty of Extras – Includes PC reporting software, plenty of memory with a 2 GB microSD card, and comes complete with a hard carrying case.

  • Unmatched Warranty – Double Diamond warranty covers whole camera for 2 years, the battery for 5 years, and the detector for 10 years.

The FLIR i3 thermal imaging infrared camera offers 60 x 60 pixels of infrared resolution with 2% accuracy and < 0.15°C at 25°C thermal sensitivity - a robust combination of capabilities to quickly detect electrical, mechanical, HVAC and energy-audit-related problems. One-handed operation is unsurpassed for quick and easy menu access and feature selection. It comes complete in a hard carrying transport case.
This new, next generation FLIR i-Series of compact thermal cameras feature: Higher resolutions for more detailed images and measurements. Wider fields of view for quicker scans of larger areas. And a more rugged design for tough environments.

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